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A unique selling proposition or otherwise known as USP (unique selling point), is a factor
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See What Parents Like You Have Said From Our Pilot Launch....


“In public school, there is a lot of memorization, repetition, worksheets, and writing which are all valuable. This academy is special because it helps them find what makes them special and dive into what they're really interested in.”


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What Makes Us Revolutionary

Whole Child Development

Micro Learning Hubs

Biblical Worldview

Human-Machine Learning 

Social Emotional Learning

Leadership Development

What A Day Would Look Like at SRLA For a Learner (Fall 2023)

This is How We Will Do Education Differently

Clapping Game


Guides and learners start off the day by focusing on connecting with each other by practicing being curious and caring. Studies show that the more connected we are with the people around us the more we feel that we belong.

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Learners partner with their guide shepherd who will go through core subjects to build a healthy academic foundation: language arts, history and geography, visual arts, music, mathematics, and science.



Learners alongside their guide shepherds will engage electives covering Biblical studies, leadership and innovation



 Learners will have the opportunity to explore project based learning that will allow them to collaborate, design, revise, and share their ideas and experiences with authentic audiences and supportive peer groups.

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Learners will have the opportunity to collaborate with other learners on various debates, creative circles and socratic discussion. As well as pursue the things that are interesting to them.

Learner Enrollment

Doing Education Differently

Young Students
Clapping Game

Academic Requirements

Coming Fall 2023

Enrollment Process

Coming Fall 2023


Coming Fall 2023

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