K-8 Education Done Differently

Revolutionary Learning - Revolutionary Leading

Shepherd Revolution Leadership Academy was founded on the belief that education should be done differently, learners should be empowered, and a generation of healthy leaders should be cultivated.




Traditional Learning....

Without a healthy shepherd guide students and parents experience....

Feeling Empty

The needs of many students are going unmet by our impersonal, one size fits all approach to traditional education

Feeling Unheard

The voices of parents and students are not being heard

Feeling Stressed

As the traditional education system creates stress, parents and students experience increasing anxiety and despair

Feeling Bored

Students being limited to advance and trained to comply. Ultimately losing the love of learning.


K-8 Education Should Be Done Differently

We believe every child deserves to be  in a healthy learning environment to become a healthy leader.

Enroll in a Mirco-Class

Mirco-class is where learners will have a maximum of ten other learners in their class giving each learner one on one care.

Explore Leadership & Innovation

Learners are empowered to change the world through leadership and innovation.

Enrichment Pods are where learners are self-directed and empowered to work together with other students on learning projects.

Experience Quantum Learning

Quantum Learning is a powerful and engaging teaching and learning methodology that develops the whole learner. We focus on mastery and not memorization.


You don’t have to struggle in silence as a parent on deciding what is the best education ecosystem that nurtures your child.

 We are here to help and when your child joins our education ecosystem they'll be empowered to be more creative, collaborative, compassionate, socially connected, and courageous.


Don't Take Our Word For It Listen To others From Our Pilot Launch....


My experience at SRLA was great because I was able to study better and I can go at my own pace. Everyone here invites me to their activities so I never feel left out. I have even made new friends here. It's been great so far! I do work that is right for me. For reading, I'm not that good but I push it so I can grow my learning. It may be hard but I can do my best. We have free time as well and sometimes I can play games with my friends.

Charlie (6th Grade)


How Shepherd Revolution Leadership Academy Works

Hybrid Learning

Each learner at Shepherd Revolution leadership academy has a personal, customized path that is specifically built for their goals, skill level, and pace. Regardless of where they are located around the world, our students receive a quality education from licensed teachers who are always available through online channels. We’re here to provide the flexible learning experience you need.


Start Doing Education Differently

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